Isaac Newton Moody Jr. and Susan Elizabeth Smith

Susan Elizabeth "Betty" Smith

Betty (Smith) Moody's Smith line is posted at on line at and here if you linked to this page from the Smith site.

Lived with Andrew and Lilly Moody Johns (her daughter) many years until death.

For husband's CSA service, she had widow's pension #W10021. NAME: Moody, Isaac N
WIDOW: Moody, Susan Elizabeth

Lula Dell Bradshaw, the wife of Betty's son Stacker Taylor Moody, was a descendant of Richard Bradshaw, who was probably a brother of Betty's Grandmother Susanna (Bradshaw) Smith.

1900HnTNp221b 151: 4/4 children

1910HnTNp134a: as wife of William B./R. Wisehart

Children of Rock Moody and Betty Smith

  1. Lillie Moody
  2. Stacker Taylor Moody
  3. William Arlander "Lander" Moody
  4. Victoria Moody

Isaac Newton "Rock" Moody Jr.

Married Susan Elizabeth "Betty" Smith 7 Jul 1885, Henry Co., TN, John M. Chilcutt, BM

Exact burial place unknown; originally buried in cemetery covered by Kentucky Lake, but moved before land was flooded. TVA may have some record, but there may also have been no information on original headstone.

Rock served in Company F, 20th Regiment, TN Cavalry, also 15th Regiment (Russell's) (CSA) from 9/20/1863 until at least June 1864. Louise Moody Alexander thought that he was wounded (lost leg?). He filed pension application #S1107; NAME: Moody, Isaac N. UNIT: 20th Cav. Isaac N. Moody Company F. Enlisted September 20, 1863 at Paris, TN, by Capt. Wilson for 3 years. Present on roll for Mar/April 1864. Present on roll for May/June 1864. NARA Pub 231; NARA roll 30, #880084

1870HnTNp461a: CD-20; unmarried farmer $400/$100. Jesse Bradshaw family nearby.