William Arlander "Lander" Moody and Cora Wilson

Cora Wilson

Other spouse: Fleetwood Harrelson

Children of Lander Moody and Cora Wilson

  1. Lorene Moody
  2. Thelma Moody
  3. Elvis Moody
  4. Estelle Moody
  5. James Lander Moody (adopted name Robert Trotter)

Lander Moody

Marriage to Cora Wilson: 12 Apr 1913, Henry Co., TN
12 April 1913 in county records; 2 April 1913 from another record

Their children were Lorene, Thelma, Estelle, Elvis, and James Lander, who took name Robert and the surname Trotter from his foster parents.

1900HnTNp221b: listed as William plus some indecipherable name

1920HnTNp163b: Lander, 27, Cora, 22, Lorene, 5+, Thelma, 11 mo