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Why Humans Like Dogs

I wrote the following as humor, but sometimes I wonder. – JFA

Have you ever wondered why almost everybody likes dogs, why even babies usually show a fondness for dogs? Well, it isn’t as if we really have a choice; we were selectively bred to be dogs’ friends.

Far back in the days of prehistory, when it was totally uncertain whether humans would even survive as a species, a group of canine ancestors noted that humans showed promise, if they could just be guided in the right direction. Early humans were not too intelligent; they were not the best of hunters; and, in a fight, a human was certainly no match for a cave bear or sabertooth tiger. But a human could break open bones to get to the marrow, and a human could make a fire near which a dog could curl up for warmth and safety from beasts too fierce for even a pack of brave dogs.

So, after a meeting of all the most intelligent dogs in the pack, they searched out the tribe of humans that showed themselves to be most friendly and adopted the humans as their own. Thenceforth, any animal predators or other human predators trying to harm this select group of early humans found they had to battle both the tribe’s humans and the tribe’s dogs. It is no surprise that this tribe enjoyed a competitive advantage over humans that were not watched over and protected by dogs; thus, over time, this group multiplied while other groups decreased. Of course, there was always an occasional member of this tribe who was not a canidophile, but, without a dog to accompany and protect him or her on forays into the wilds to search for fruit, nuts, and game, this unfriendly member was less likely to return than those who had doggie companions. These ancestors of our dogs of today fought beside our human ancestors and often even sacrificed their lives to protect these selected humans so that their descendants could enjoy the benefits that having a loving human brings a dog.

So, when you give your dog a special treat or move his bed to the sunny spot on the floor, just remember that a major reason for your being here is to perform these tasks. Of course, humans thought up one curse that the early dogs didn’t plan for: doggie baths.

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