Ella Turpin and Robert E. Lee

M. Ella Turpin

Married Robert E. Lee [Miss Ella Turpin to R. E. Lee, 28 Jan 1900, J. G. or F. Watkins, JP]

Children of Ella Turpin and Robert Lee

  1. Roy W.
  2. Bessie Elane
  3. Tishy E.
  4. Ola M.
  5. John Wittie
  6. Sadie

      Since Ella appeared on a census with her parents only as M. E., finding her required a search through marriage records of all "E. Moodys" in Henry County, TN, and Calloway County, KY. A marriage record in Henry Co. showed her married to R Lee. The death record of Ella Lee then served as verification that she was the correct person. Tennessee Death Certificate #13, filed 23 July 1918, Henry Co.: death 23 June 1918, Ella Lee, born 1 July 1879, Henry Co., parents J. J. Turpen and Tish Moody, informant Geo F. Ealey

      In my opinion, the census date, probably given by Ella, is more likely to be correct.

      I learned John Wittie's middle name by by checking someone's report that he married Annie Elkins. I found an application for marriage of Wittie Lee to Pauline Elkins 9 January 1934 in Weakley County, Tennessee. Although the name of the intended bride and th name of the wife are different, confirming the identity for me was Howard Smith Alexander, John Wittie's brother-in-law, as bondsman.

Robert E. Lee