Bessie Elane Lee and Howard Smith Alexander1

Bessie Elane Lee

Married Howard S. Alexander [Miss Bessie Lee to Howard Alexander, 8 Sept 1923]

TN Death Cert #10210, issued 25 May 1942, Henry Co., death 25 May 1942, Bessie Elane Alexander, born 8 Dec 1902, parents Robert E. Lee and Ella Turpin, spouse Howard S. Alexander, informant H. S. Alexander

Children of Elane Lee and Howard Alexander

  1. Katherine/Kathryn
  2. Edna Earle
  3. Ella Sue
  4. Howard Smith
  5. Robert
  6. John D.

Howard Smith Alexander

Information on Isham and his ancestors can be found in a large html file on the history of this Alexander family back through Matthew Alexander to his grandparents, James Alexander (died 1753, Anson County, North Carolina) and Ann (maiden name unknown).

YDNA evidence shows that this Alexander family is not closely related to the family of Laura Alexander, who was married to Charles Moody.2

1An Alexander grandson of Elane and Howard and I got in contact with the help of Henry County, TN, Records Archivist Stephanie Tayloe. As part of our exchange of data, he gave me basic information on Howard and Elane and some of their offspring. I followed up by searching records.

2Howard belongs to my Alexander family; however, I descend from Matthew's brother William, who was married to Matthew's wife's sister.

My information about Kathryn from her nephew was little more than that she was married at least once and that she was deceased. Her gravestone in Pinecrest Cemetery in Iosco County, MI, states that she was born 1924 and that she died 1997. The gravesite for Kathryn M. Jackson belonged to her father Howard Alexander. Kathryn M. Jackson with the same years of birth and death is listed in the Social Security Applications and Claims Index for the years 1936 through 2007 provides a birth date of 10 September 1924 and a death date of 24 December 1997.

Edna married Lyle Sparks 28 August 1948 in New Madrid Co., MO (Missouri State Archives; Jefferson City, MO; Missouri Marriage Records [Microfilm]; New Madrid Co. Book, p. 220, #310). Her gravestone (photo on Find A Grave) lists her birth as 2 October 1926 and her death as 12 October 2017.

Wayne County, MI, marriage records (found on-line at show Ella Sue Alexander, born in Paris, TN, marrying Ray Wendell Nance 13 August 1949. Her age is listed as 20 and her parents listed as Howard Smith Alexander and Bessie Lee.

Howard Smith Jr has a record in the Social Security Applications and Claims Index for the years 1936 through 2007 containing the following: born 20 Dec 1931 in Paris, Henery (their spelling) Co., Tennessee; died 13 Jan 2002; parents Howard S Alexander and Bessey Lee; SS# 381287442. His wife's name was Marguerite. Both are deceased.

Robert is the family member about whom I have almost no information.

Information about John Daryl and his family came from the relative and from records that include John's obituary. He was born 18 September 1939 in Henry County before the family moved from the area after his mother's death. He married Mary Thayer, and they had five children. John died 1 December 2012