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Update on the Pet Rock Rescue Mission

Followers of this web page may remember that, some while back, my dog Big Bud, Buddy, became concerned about the poor homeless pet rocks that had been abandoned by their former owners and insisted that we set up the Pet Rock Rescue Organization. Since that time, Buddy and I, with the help of his young pal Texas Pete, have diligently sought out those poor abandoned rocks and have had a high degree of success in placing them in good homes, where their needs will be taken care of by kind masters; however, we must report that we have not found enough qualified people to care for all our rescued rocks.

If any of our readers would like to adopt one of our rocks, please fill out the form below and send, it to us. From time to time, we also need foster parents for rocks while we seek permanent homes for them; however, we must warn you that people who become foster parents often cannot bear to give up their charges and end up adopting.

Pet Rock Adoption Form

Have you ever had a pet rock? __ Yes __ No
If yes, is your rock still with you? __ Yes __ No If you don’t still have your former pet, what happened to it? ___________________________ (Anyone who has ever abandoned a pet rock is not eligible to adopt.)
Do any children who might be in the home understand that they are not allowed to abuse the pet rock? __ Yes __ No
How many consecutive days will the rock be left alone at home? ___
Will the pet rock have a comfortable place where it can interact with family members while they converse, play games, or watch television? __ Yes __ No
Will someone in the family take the pet rock for a walk at least once or twice per week? __ Yes __ No
What arrangements have you made for care of the pet rock in case it outlives you?

Table of Contents