Tate Alexander's Will, Habersham Co., GA

Last Will & Testament: Tate Alexander
11 March 1837, Habersham Co., GA Court of Ordinary
(spelling & capitalization as they appear in the text)

This is to certify before these witnesses that I Tate Alexander 
doth will and bequest my soul to God who gave it and my body to 
the grave to be buried in a Christian like menner, and the 
children of Samuel Dysart, desceased, to Stewart Dysart one 
Negro man by the name of Isom, and to Joseph one Negro boy 
named Ted and to Samuel one Negro woman named Lina, also one 
Negro woman named Caroline to be Eaqually divided between the 
three above named children, also to Evaline Williams the first 
child that either of the above mentioned Negro women have to 
live and do well, the above mentioned Negroes to belong to the 
heirs of Samuel Dysart, desc., at my decease, any more than 
George W. Balleau is to have the use of Ted untill the first of 
January, 1838. I have Three Thousand Dollars, more or less, in 
Money and other property that I leave to be Eaqually divided 
between my brothers and sisters. I do certify this to be my 
last will and Testament.

Tate Alexander

Test. Asa Smith, George W. Balleau, Elisha Williams, JP

It appearing to the Court that the necessary application has been 
made for Letter of Administration on the Estate of Tate Alexander 
desc., It is therefore ordered by the Court that Letters be 
forthwith Granted to John Pullan on the complying with the Laws 
in such case made and provided.

Minutes of the Court of Ordinary, Habersham Co., GA June 1837
In the matter of the Will of Tate Alexander, desc.

And now at this term came John Pullan and Joseph Rees heirs at Law 
of the said Tate Alexander who caveat the said Will now offered 
for probate and for cause of caveat they say that the said Tate 
Alexander at the time he made and published the said Will was 
insane & not of sound & disposing mind & memory & of this they 
pray Judgement of the Court.