William McMillin's Will, Christian Co., KY

Christian County Court                 Term 1811

I William McMillin being sound in mind do make and 
bequeath this my last will and testament in manner 
and form as followeth.

1.  It is my will that my son Robert gets ninety dollars 
    out of Curd's bond.
2.  Also my son Hugh gets ninety six dollars out of said 
3.  My son John is to get sixty dollars out of Dick's 
    price when sold, and the ballance of said negroe's 
    price to be divided (after all my lawful debts and 
    funeral expences is discharged) is to be equally 
    divided amongst my beloved children, namely Robert, 
    Hugh, William, John, Elizabeth, Elinor, and Easter.
4.  The balance of Curd's bond is to be equally divided 
    amongst my three daughters, Elizabeth, Elinor, and 

And I do appoint my friends Thomas Garvin and William 
McMillin Jnr to be my executors of this my last will and 
testament where unto I have set my hand and seal this 9 
November in the year of our Lord 1810.

Witness present
Thomas Garvin
John Garvin

William McMillin
X his mark"

"Christian County Court      February Term 1811

This last will and testament of Wm McMillin deceased was 
exhibited in court and proven by the oaths of Thos Garvin 
and John Garvin to be the act and deed hand and seal of 
said McMillin deceased and this will was ordered to be 
recorded and is thereupon truly admitted to record.

Att  John G. Reynolds"

"The amount of Vandue (??) cash and bonds found in 
possession of William McMillin

1. Vandue the amount        $446.68  (letters may be wrong)
   of the _ains
2. Cash                        2.75
3. John Curd's bond          390.50
4. Thomas G. Greenfield       30.00
5. Thomas Garvin  1 bond       5.00 (but looks like 205.00)
  (Total appears to be)      874.83  
            (The amount doesn't really add up.)
Sept 6th 1811
Thomas Garvin
Wm McMillin

Christian County Court September Term 1811
This account of sales of the estate of Wm McMillin was this 
day exhibited to me and ordered to be recorded and is truly 
admitted to recorded.

Att John G. Reynolds