Elizabeth Gilmore's Pension, Fayette Co., TN

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Tennessee Jackson (I believe)

Elizabeth Gilmore
widow of Joseph Gilmore
who was a private S. Ca.
in the Revolution

Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of
    80 Dollars no
Cents per annum to commence on
the 4th day of March, 1843.

Certificate of Pension issued the
30th day of Jany 1844
and sent to P. T. Scruggs

[Act of March 3, 1843]
Recorded in Book A
Vol 1 Page 218


State of Tennessee   SS
Fayette County

On this the fifth day of July in the year of our Lord 
eighteen hundred and forty two personally appeared before 
the worshipful county court of the county of Fayette in 
state of Tennessee the same being a court of record 
Elizabeth Gilmore a resident of the county of Fayette 
and state aforesaid aged about seventy nine years who 
being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath 
make the following declaration in order to obtain the 
benefits of the provisions of the Act of Congress passed 
July seventh in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred 
and thirty eight entitled "an act granting half pay and 
pensions to certain widows."

That she is the  widow of Joseph Gilmore who was in 
service in therevolutionary war and was to the best of 
her recollection a private in the militia of the state of 
(North Carolina, I believe, was marked through) South 
Carolina and served about five years. She cannot state the 
year when the said Joseph entered the service but recollects 
that he was in service at the time of the battle of Savannah 
(SC scratched through) in his state. Joseph was wounded in 
that engagement and that he was in the service at the time 
of the capture of Lord Conwallis. He served generally in 
the division of the army under the command of General Sumpter 
but whether all the time she cannot recollect. That the 
(symbol) Joseph at the time he entered the army resided in 
that part of the State of South Carolina which afterwards 
and at this time bears the name of Spartanburg District. 
He was a volunteer in every instance except the trip which 
he took when at the battle of Savannah on which occasion he 
was drafted. He was in the following engagements which she 
can now call to recollection. To wit at Savannah as before 
stated in which he was wounded in the right hand, at the 
defeat of General Gates, at the battle at Blackstocks (may 
be two words) Mill, at the battle at Hill's Iron Works in 
the State of South Carolina, at the battle at King's Mountain, 
and also at the battle at the Cow Pens. She does not recollect 
any county through which he marched. She further states that 
the said Joseph during a few(?) of the later years of his 
life was a Pensioner. She cannot state when he became such 
but that he died on the 23rd day of February in the year 1825 
a pensioner and had been such for a period of some seven (I 
believe) or ten years previous to his death and (---) his 
pension in Nashville in the State of Tennessee. He died in 
Blunt (Blount, of course) County in the State of Alabama. 

She further declares that she was married to the said Joseph 
Gilmore on the ninth day of March in the year seventeen 
hundred eighty two or eighty three but (the day of the month 
or--lined through) which of the above named years she is 
unable to state. That (she remained the wife of--lined through) 
she remained the wife of the said Joseph Gilmore up to the 
period of his death which took place on the 23rd day of 
February eighteen hundred and twenty five as before stated; 
that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the 
service; but the marriage took place previous to the first 
of January seventeen hundred and ninety four, viz, at the 
time above stated.

                                        Elizabeth Gilmore 

Sworn to and subscribed in open court on the day and year 
above written and has affixed the seal of said court at
Jarmon Kor--- Clk office in Somerville

By H? Waddell D.C.


State of Tennessee
Henry County

Personally appeared before me Isaac Hendricks and (an) 
acting justice of the peace in and for said county and 
State of Tennessee Elender Alexander of said county and 
state and made oath in due f--- of ---- that whe is a full 
sister to Elizabeth Gilmore who is now residing in (a 
scratch through with writing above) Fayette County and 
State of Tennesse and further states that she was personnally 
present at the actual marriage of said Elizabeth to Joseph 
Gilmore ------ (can't read this word) all then of South 
Carolina and to the best of her recollection said marriage 
took place some time in March 1782 and added that she has been 
personally acquainted with said Elizabeth from that time down 
to the present and knows to her own knowledge that said Elizabeth 
has not married any person since the death of said Joseph Gilmore 
and further states that said Elizabeth Gilmore is about 79 years 
of age this July 18 1842.
Sworn to and subscribed                     Elender Alexander 
  before me.                                       mark
Isaac Hendricks (signature and possibly seal)

I do hereby certify that Elender Alexander is a lady of high 
standing and respectability.   Isaac Hendricks (signature)

State of Tennessee
Henry County
I William Porter Clerk of the County Court of the said county 
do certify that Isaac Hendricks whose signature appears to the 
above certificate is now and was at the time of signing the 
same an acting justice of peace for said county duly elected 
and qualified according to law that full faith and credit is 
and ought to be given to his official acts as such.

County      In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and 
Seal        affixed the seal of said County at office in the town 
            of Paris July the 19th A D 1842 and sixty seventh year 
            of American independence.
                                            William Porter Clerk


Appended letter

Rev & 1812 Wars Sectio

                                                 October 22, 1925

Mrs. J. R. McDowell
603 W. Hill St.
Knoxville, Tenn.


I have to advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War 
pension claim W. 355, it appears that JOSEPH GILMORE, while a 
resident of Spartanburg District South Carolina, enlisted, date 
not stated, and served five years as private in Captain Parsons' 
company, Colonel John Thomas' South Carolina Regiment; he 
received a wound in the hand at the battle of Savannah and was 
also in the battles of Camden, Black Stocks, Hill's Iron Works, 
King's Mountain, and Cowpens.

He was pensioned from October 9, 1810, on account of the 
disabilty resulting from the above mentioned wound. He resided 
in Davidson County, Tennessee, in 1824, and died in Blount 
County, Alabama, on February 23, 1825.

He married in Spartanburg District, South Carolina, March 9, 1782 
or 1783, Elizabeth, whose maiden name is not given. She was 
allowed pension on account of his sevice, on her application 
executed July 5, 1842, at which time whe was about seventy-nine 
years of age and a resident of Fayette County, Tennessee.

There is no data on file relative to children of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Gilmore.


                            Winfield Scott,