South Carolina Deeds Relating to James Alexander of Spartanburg County

Much of this information came from Rhea Ghormley Alexander, who, before her untimely death, did extensive genealogical research, including much on the her husband's Alexander family. Although she did not live to organize her notes or to make hypotheses from comparing them with other researchers' notes, I have had the opportunity to review part of her excellent work. I do not know whether the series of notes she made on land transfers in Anson County, NC, Rowan County, NC, Mecklenburg County, NC, and Spartanburg County, SC, were from Brent Holcomb's collection or from original county records; however, they show transactions by a James Alexander for a tract of land on the South Pacolet River, adjacent to John Clark's lower corner. Rhea's husband has donated many of her files to the East Tennessee Historical Society, where they can help genealogical researchers.

All deeds appear to pertain to the same James or his family, and internal evidence and my research and notes on the Alexanders, McMillins, and Gilmores establish links to our James of Spartanburg


Vol. 12–Pg. 473. A memorialFor land in South Carolina granted before a certain date, usually by the Carolina Colony or by the Colony of North Carolina, the Colony of South Carolina later required the grantee to file a memorial to establish title. to James Alexander for 700 A, in Anson County, N.C., on the South side of the Broad River and on the South side Pacolet River on a creek above Clark's about 6 or 7 miles. Granted Nov. 18, 1752, by Gov. Nathaniel Rice of N.C. to James Alexander. Signed Mar. 19, 1774, by him.

Anson County, North Carolina File No. 102– dated April 5, 1753
James Alexander granted by patent 490 acres of above 700 acres on April 4, 1753 described as beginning at John Clark’s lower corner. Signed by Gov. Matthew Rowan.

Deed Book 1–Pg. 349. Anson County Reg. (?) Dated February 10, 1759.
James Alexander and wife Mary to James Dunn of Rowen County, North Carolina 490 acres beginning at John Clark’s lower corner. Witnesses: Nathaniel Alexander and Robert Harris, Jr.

Book F–Pg. 396. On the 15 February, 1788 James Henderson sells to William Alexander 120 acres on both sides of Bridge branch of the South Pacolet River and was granted to James Henderson on the 6 November 1786. Witnesses: Matthew Alexander, David Alexander, James Hooper J.P.

Although this deed was recorded in Lincoln Co., NC, and pertains to Lincoln Co. land, it refers to James Alexander of Spartanburg Co., SC, and is apparently for a portion of the land lying on Catawba River that his father deeded to him in 1753.
Lincoln Co., NC Deed Book 16, Pg. 10. dated 26 July 1790 James Alexander of Spartanburg Co., SC to James Cunningham, Lincoln, 144A on south side Catawba River adj Beaty, Wm Chronicle's old corner, Fight, Cunningham, Barnett and Hambright's old line. Witnesses John Gulleck, Robert Patterson and John Patterson.

Book C–Pg. 92. On the 14 March 1791 William Anderson, yeoman, sells to James Alexander, Jr. 245 acres on Motley’s Creek (sic) a branch of the South Pacolet River. This land was granted to Robert Cogiant on the 6 June 1785 for 491 acres. Witnesses: Robert Harper, James Alexander, Sr. James Hooper J.P.

Book F–Pg. 400. On the 20 July 1792 William Alexander sells to James Smith 120 acres on both sides of Bridge branch and the land was granted to James Henderson. Witnesses: Robert McDowell, Hugh Stevenson, Sr., and Alexander Stevenson. Signed by James Alexander for William Alexander (by being his attorney). James Hooper J.P.

Book H–pg. 306. On the 30 January 1801 David Alexander sells to James Galt (sp.) 150 acres on Motley Creek and Easley Creek and is adjacent to John Clayton and is the lower part of land granted to Robert Gogliant on the 6 June 1785. Witnesses: Hugh Ewing, James Ferber, William Anderson, William McDowell J.P.

Book I–Pg. 326. On the 19 March 1803 Robert McDowall sells to John Sloan, Jr. 276 acres on Burds Creek of Pacolet River and is adjacent to James Alexander and was granted to Robt. McDowell on 5 Mar 1794. Witnesses: Wm (x) Stevenson, John Sloan, Sr., Isham Foster J.P.

Book L–Pg. 210. On the 13 August 1805 James Alexander, Jr. of Spartanburg County sells to George Camile (Campbell) 200 acres on the West side of Easley’s (sp.) Creek and is bounded by John Cleaton and James Mason and was granted to Robert Cogiant on the 6 June 1785. Witnesses: Andrew Furguson, William (x) Camel (Campbell), James Burd J.P.

Book L–Pg. 138. Spartanburg County. Dated Nov. 27, 1806
James Alexander, Sr. sells to Thomas Burton, bricklayer, 200 acres on the waters of the South Pacolet River beginning at John Clark’s lower corner. Witnesses: Robert Benson, Andrew Ferguson, Jessie A. Burton.

Book L–Pg. 117. Dated June 20, 1807.
James Galt of Spartanburg County, South Carolina sells to George Alexander of said county 150 acres on both sides of Mottley and Easley Creek for $160, it being the lower tract that was granted to Robert Gogiant on June 6, 1785. Witnesses: Hugh Ewing, Jabez Galt, William Kelso.

Book O–Pg. 78. On the 25 September 1809 George Alexander of Blount County Tenn. sells to John Ewing 150 acres land on both sides of Motley Creek and Easley Creek for $160, it being the lower tract that was granted to Robert Gogiant on the 6 June 1785. Wit: William (x) Boshear, Nathan (x) Pellett, John Bonhom. Andrew Gurguson (probably Ferguson) J.P.