NOTE: Links on the left are for sites provided by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), and links on the right are for sites provided and maintained by private individuals.

This is the home page for providing information and details on the Alexander YDNA Project. It supplements the Alexander DNA page provided by FTDNA, where most of our project members tested. FTDNA has extensive information about becoming a member of the project. Because we want you as part of our extended project whether you tested with FTDNA or some other laboratory, you are welcome to get in contact with one of our administrators if you tested elsewhere.

If you are interested only in seeing the results from the DNA tests of project members, you can click on the "Y Results" link at the left to go directly to the table, which is on FTDNA's website, but the 'Background' page on the "About This Group' menu on that web site has a link to return here. Our link directs you to the 'Colorized View' version of their 'Y-DNA Results,' but holding the pointer over the link in the black band at the top will cause a menu to drop down, showing 'Classic View' and 'Colorized View'. You can click on the classic to open that version. If your family group has fewer than four or five members, the colorized version will be of little or no value to you. Click if you want an explantion of the colorized version.

After you have examined your YDNA results on the "Y Results" page, we encourage you to enter these results on Y Search, where you may compare your or any selected person's DNA profile with that of any other person whose results are posted. Project members who tested their YDNA elsewhere may have their data posted and maintained by paying FTDNA a small fee.

Project members who tested elsewhere and supplied their YDNA information to the administrators but did not enroll with FTDNA are listed by test number, not name, on a page where their individual markers are compared with their probable family group's most frequently-found values for those markers. Those comparisons are available in the linked "Other Y Results" at left.

The "Documents" link at right leads to a page where there are transcriptions of several wills, deeds, pension applications, etc. for our early Alexander families and others associated with them. Although this page contains a few documents in which you are probably not interested because they have no connection to the early-day Alexanders, many of the documents are related to Alexanders.

The "Brick Walls" link is to a site maintained by George Alexander, where individuals may post information about Alexander ancestors who were seemingly part of a very early federal witness program, given new identities with all traces of their pasts erased. Most of us have such ancestors somewhere in our heritage.

If you still have questions about the Alexander DNA project, send your question(s) by e-mail to the project administrators, and one of them will get in contact with you.

NOTE: Send family information and constructive comments to the web master/lackey.

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