Others buried in FHC

It is certain that many unidentified people are buried in FHC. Probably each block or rock marks a grave, and there are likely several unmarked graves; however, little is now known about the identity of those in some of these graves.

Bettye (White) Ploeger, now deceased, did much of the research on her Arnn family that donated the land for the original portion of Foundry Hill Cemetery. Although the graves of George W. Arnn and his son George "Boss" Arnn were long unmarked, stones have recently been erected for them, but other members of their family buried there do not yet have stones. The older George probably donated the cemetery land at about the time of the death of his wife, Sarah (Walker) Arnn or the death of his son's first wife, in the late 1840s. Sarah is probably buried by her husband near the location of his grave marker. Bettye's research shows that boss Arnn's first wife,Frances (Phelps) Arnn and his second wife, Charlotte (Lewry) Arnn, are also buried at FHC.

Although one of the Arnns was probably the first person buried in the cemetery, I have found many others listed as buried there in funeral home records and Tennessee death records and will try to list them here. I am fairly sure that a few of the people I have listed have gravestones with undecipherable engraving. If anyone has definite or even fairly substantial evidence for identification of other people, I will add that information. We are fairly sure about the following people.

Burchess Berkley (I have found no marker for him; however, Sue Reed, who took her list from 1) "Tennessee Trailings" dated November 11, 1977, or 2) Mr. Charles Sanders's records, has him as a Foundry Hill burial and has that he died 23 Aug. 1909, aged 79 y. The age given is correct to be Lee Berkley's grandfather Walter Burgess Berkley, who was married to Lucy Ann Arnn, daughter of Boss Arnn and Frances Phelps.

John W. Berkley, son of Walter Burgess Berkley and father of Lee Berkley is buried here, according to his death certificate. His wife, Minerva Ferguson Berkley is also buried here according to her death certificate.

Francis "Fannie" Merrell She was Burgess Berkley's daughter and is buried here according to her death certificate.

Myrtle Cole, 22 May 1882 - 13 Oct 1925; daughter of Alonzo Cole, whose grave is marked, and Lena Stephens, who is almost certainly buried here also. The basis of Myrtle Cole's burial here is TN death cert. #356. Lena's death certificate mistakenly gives her father as Benjamin Stephens, but she was apparently Benjamin's sister and daughter of James Henry Stephens and Aditha Stephens (maiden name and married name). The 1880 census shows that Alonzo was living with the Stephens family before he and Lena married. Although the transcript of Lena's TN death certificate lists her burial only as being in Puryear, it is almost certain that she is buried with her husband and family.

Albert Griffin, died 12 Feb 1908, aged 31 (may be buried in Community of Christ Foundry Hill Cemetery)

Betty Jo Lasater, 2 Nov 1936 - 4 July 1946. Betty Jo, daughter of Jesse Lasater and Birdie Paschall and a classmate of mine in grammar school, was originally buried at FHC but was re-buried other family at Puryear Cemetery.

Mary Hudgins McClure, 6 July 1867 - 30 Apr 1936

Ellen Overcast, died 12 Dec 1912, aged 70

Elsie Mae Overcast It is likely that one of the unreadable gravestones is hers.

Galon Overcast , 1 Apr. 1876 - 3 Feb. 1967 Relatives report that he was a son of John Calvin Overcast and Sallie Ann (Tyler) Overcast. He is probably buried near them and their children who died young.

Myrtle Robertson, 1903 - 1975

Martha Snow, died 25 Mar 1910, aged 77

Rowe M. Snow, died 24 Dec 1910, aged 51

Verah Steeley, 13 July 1888 - 13 June 1890, dau. Of R.B. and M.C. Steeley

Topher Lee Tyler

Viola Tyler

Angie Walker, died 4 June 1915, aged 73. I'm unsure where this information originates

James Wilson, 18 Feb. 1852 - 28 Jan. 1932 He was probably the James Wilson who was married to one of George Arrn's daughters.

Nina Lee Bucy According to the death report, she died 12 Aug. 1905, aged 18 y.

I have identified the grave between John Priestly and Emily Jane Alexander and Joseph Riley and Mary Elizabeth Alexander as being that of either Joseph's and Mary's son Isaac or Joseph's first wife (and Mary's aunt) Victoria Stagner, both of whom are probably in FHC, and some of the concrete markers near Stephen Brizendine's grave are probably other members of his family.