Genealogical Data for John Alexander

Because I have discovered that I do not have time to do extensive research on all my ancestral lines, I'll be concentrating my efforts on the Alexanders of Henry County, TN, and Fayette County, TN, and include descendants of their siblings and cousins who migrated to Roane/Loudon County, TN, Union Co., GA, and Yalobusha County, MS, as well as their relatives who remained in the counties of SC near Spartanburg. Although the individuals are chiefly the descendants of the James Alexander ,who lived in Anson/Rowan County, NC, and Spartanburg County, SC, (and possibly eastern TN) from around 1750 until his death about 1810, some may have an Alexander ancestor who was a brother or cousin of this James, whom we will call James of Spartanburg.

I would like to exchange information on the Bradshaws of Henry County, TN. These Bradshaws migrated from VA to TN some time before 1830, and I know almost nothing about them before their move to TN.

When asked, I will share the data I have on the Chilcutts of Henry County, TN. Other researchers have traced this family back from TN; however, I begin with them in Stewart County and Henry County and follow them forward. The family heads with whom I begin are Joshua and his wife Elizabeth and George and his wife Sarah.

The Gores of Henry County, Franklin County, Lincoln County, and Moore County, TN are so intimately tied to the Alexanders that my Alexander history will cover them in some detail. These Gores all descend from Thomas L. Gore, Sr., of Union County and Spartanburg County, SC, and Franklin County, and Henry County, TN. If she approves, I'll provide a link to a researcher who has more and better data than I on the Gore family before Thomas, as well as data on Thomas's brother Joshua and his descendants.

The McMillins (sometimes spelled McMillans) are associated with the Alexander family in Spartanburg, SC, and in western KY. These McMillins descend from William McMillin from Spartanburg County, SC, and Logan County, KY, where he died in 1810. Although my McMillin data are sparse, I know that Matthew and William Alexander married William McMillin's daughters Eleanor and Esther, and Matthew's son Thomas married his cousin Elizabeth, who seems to have the spelling of McMillan most often.

The Mortons of Henry County, TN descend from George and Elizabeth (McSwain) Morton, who migrated to Henry County from Montgomery County, NC, shortly before 1840. Another Morton family, that of John and Sarah (Duke) Morton, came to Henry County from Montgomery County, NC, at about the same time and is probably related.

My Powel(l)s of Henry County and Benton County, TN descend from Allenson Powel(l), Sr., who was apparently the son of John Powel(l) of Edgecombe County (and perhaps Nash County and Rowan County), NC, and the grandson of William Powel(l) of there and VA.

Data on my Smiths of Henry County, TN, and various counties in MO are already posted. These individuals descend from Henry Smith and his wife Susannah, who were born in VA and were probably in TN by 1820.

I have done some research on the Stagners of Henry County, TN, who descended from John B. Stagner, or Johann Bernhardt Stagner, an immigrant from Germany before the American Revolution, I refer researchers to the work of Johnny Walker for more-complete data. The Henry County Stagners were almost all descended from Talbert and Malinda (Mathis) Stagner.

My Stephenses of Henry County, TN descend primarily from Edward Stephens and the brothers John S. and Eli A. Stephens and, perhaps, another Stephens brother or cousin, all of whom moved to TN from SC. John and Eli were married to Gore sisters, and Edward may have been their father, cousin, or much-older brother. My ancestor Emily Jane (Stephens) Alexander, Aditha (Stephens) Alexander, and Olive (Stephens) Shell belonged to this family, but I haven't tied them to definite spots in the familiy as yet. Atlhough the relationship is very uncertain, there are also a few NC-derived Stephenses, mostly the family of Fielding Stephens, who may be related to the other Stephens.

My Adams family of Calloway and Graves Counties of KY and Henry County of TN have been thoroughly investigated by Linda Monticelli, who has posted the family tree on the web. Linda's parents belong to the Lamb family and the Adams family, and she has written about both. Those who want quick summaries should refer to the following: Nicholas Adams, John Adams, and William Adams.

Val and I have noted that she has Alexander ancestors; however, they are from the family of Joseph Lowery Alexander and Margaret Tate, whose daughter Nancy was Val's several-times-great grandmother. DNA evidence shows that this family and my family are not related.