Henry and Susanna
Smith Family


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Parents: unknown

Henry was born about 1795 in VA, and Susanna was born about 1799 or 1800 in VA. Know nothing more about Susanna before the marriage. According to a relative, Susanna died after Jul 24, 1860, when she sold all but 8 acres (in MO) to her son William.

This is probably not our Henry IF he was in Stewart County, TN, or Montgomery County, TN, in 1820. HENRY SMITH married SUSANNA KEELING 18 December 1820 Prince Edward Co. ??? Joseph was born about 1818 or 1819. Joseph was not mentioned in the will, but he seemed to be part of the family.

Is Henry the Henry H. Smith in the Henry County section of Stewart County in 1820 or in Montgomery County, TN, in 1820? Ages are correct for Henry, Susannah, and Joseph in Stewart. The Montgomery family is correct for them also but includes a daughter (Susan?) and another female about Susanna's age. I can't establish a connection to Susan, but Henry made a gift to her husband, Alfred Oliver. Susan was not mentioned in the will as a daughter.

1820StTNp22: 100100 // 00100 Henry Smith Next neighbor is Francis Smith, who is probably his father: 011301 // 00101. Also John Randle, James English, Samuel Smoot, C. Buckhannon are in this area.

1820MontTNp228or187: 100100 // 10200 Henry Smith (Same page as Joseph and Richard Bradshaw)

1830HnTNp52: 221001 // 110001 Henry and Susannah 30-40, Joseph 10-15, William and ?? 5-10, Samuel and ?? (Richard?) less than 5, daughter? 5-10, Martha less than 5 (If Susan was their (or Henry's) daughter, she would have been slightly over 10.)

1840HnTNp463: 0120101 // 2200101 Enumerated just before Abijah Lax; John Smith enumerated a few later. Suggest relationship?

1860CaMOp942: age given as 75, but daughter Elizabeth was only 21. Mary, 25, Ann, 23, Martha Housden, 31, and Martha's children Mary, 8, and William P., 2, also in family.