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Alexander Twins
Joseph Lowery Alexander and Margaret Tate
Family: William Buchanan Alexander and Clara Dale Roach

UPDATE ON THE TWINS: The twins' search for a tie to an established family was successful when a cousin was located and swiped his cheek for a DNA test. He and they are almost perfect matches to the control for the SpartCons. Although we can still not prove the relationship to the SpartCons' James, born about 1730, beyond doubt, the closeness of the match to other SpartCons and the location of the twins' earliest known ancestor near the town where James, and two civil documents from that county, are sufficient for most of us to accept that this earliest known ancestor was a grandson of James.

UPDATE ON JOSEPH LOWERY ALEXANDER: A male Alexander-line descendant agreed to swab his cheek to please a couple of cousins, and the line to which we have tentatively assigned him has proved to be one of the most unusual western European lines. All these Alexanders and others of their subgroup, which is part of larger haplogroup, are thought to have descended from Roman soldiers who were recruited from the Balkans and and who were stationed in England and Wales during the later period of occupation until around 400 A.D. Out of all the Alexanders tested, only about a half dozen belong to this group, and they probably do not share an Alexander-line male ancestor with any of the major Alexander families within the last twenty thousand (20,000) years. Usually, there is little hope of tracing ancestry back to Europe without records, but some narrowing down of potential early English ancestors may be possible for his little clan. As is usual when there are results from only one YDNA tester to use for tying a family to a group, we would like to have a second person from the same lineage to verify that tie.

UPDATE ON WILLIAM BUCHANAN ALEXANDER AND CLARA DALE ROACH: A young Alexander woman, who was working to extend her Alexander ancestors back beyond the few generations she knew about, and the webmaster, who desired to confirm that William Buchanan's grandfather belonged to the SpartCons, got in contact and prevailed upon her brother to take the YDNA test. and the results showed an almost perfect match to the SpartCons. The brother and sister now have a line back to James Sr of Spartanburg, and the webmaster added another bit of circumstantial evidence to the large collection that made him believe that their lines joined in James C. Alexander of Henry County, TN, and Fayette County, TN. The success didn't really come about because of the feature here, but it did come from YDNA testing.

Featured Family: None, but we'll feature yours if you need publicity to help find a YDNA donor and if you will submit data similar to the sample data below.

If you are a male Alexander descendant and are willing to take the YDNA test,
please let us know.

William, called Buck in his youth, born 22 January 1857 in Fayette County, Tennessee, and Clara, born 5 March 1864 in Tennessee (probably Wayne County) were married or obtained the license to marry 23 May 1883 in Crittenden County, Arkansas, where Clara had gone to be with her uncle, James C. Throgmorton, some time after 1880. Although there were several Alexander families in Crittenden County at the time, the researcher has not been able to determine whether one of the families was related to William.

After marriage, William and Clara returned to Tennessee, where most of their children were born, and the location was probably Fayette County because W. B. Alexander is on the list of voters there in 1891. All children reported TN as their birth place, but at least two were born elsewhere. In 1900, they lived in Crittenden County, AR, and were in Oklahoma County, OK, by 1906, when William B. died.

Their children included: Arthur Porter, born 1887, Cora Leona, born 1889, Joseph Leroy, born 1891, Samuel Henry, born 1894, Gertrude, born 1896, William Jefferson, born 1898, Robert Earl, born 1903, and James B, born 1906, and some birth dates as I have them may be off by a year.

All of William B.'s and Clara's sons migrated from Oklahoma to the west coast in the 1920s and the 1930s, as did one daughter, Cora Leona (Alexander) Mooney, but the other daughter, Gertrude (Alexander) Rowen, remained in Oklahoma. Of those who went west, most appear to have lived out their lives in the Los Angeles area, but one brother and his wife moved to the Seattle, WA, area before World War II.

Father: William H. Alexander, born about 1819, probably in KY, possibly in Robertson County, TN. William was married to Aditha Stephens, born about 1817 in TN. William H. and Aditha died after 1880. Aditha's family migrated to western TN from the Spartanburg / Union Counties area of SC, and some of her relatives stopped briefly or longer term in Lincoln County or Franklin County, TN.

Grandfather: James C. Alexander, born about 1785 KY (then VA) or SC, died between 1860 and 1870, Fayette County, TN. James's wife is not known.

Great grandfather: Probably William Alexander, born about 1759, Rowan County, NC. William was married to Esther McMillin, born about 1764, in SC, probably in the area that became Spartanburg County.

Great-great grandfather: James Alexander, Sr, born 1725-1730. Earliest known member of the SpartCons. His wife's name was Mary, but her maiden name is not known.